Femdom Fetish Videos - All about beautiful girls dominating slaves - Page 99

BBW Lady Cathy has always new ideas to torture her slaves. This time she simply spits on the ground and rubs her black boots in it. And guess what follows next? Right: You are ordered to lick that mess up to her amusement.

Mistress Katja doesn't want her new car to become dirty. So she decides to use her personal footboy for cleaning her shoes with his slave tongue - what else are stupid weaklings like him good for?

This clip consists of 34 minutes classic foot, boot, shoe, heel and sock - worshipping, licking and kissing! 7 Mistresses are torturing, forcing and enjoying their little slaves as they obey them!

Jenny places her slave under a couch, to make sure he lies as comfortable as she does, while she phones her friend and takes place on top of this couch! She doesn't consider him, even as she puts her full weight on the sofa - she simply knows what slaves like him are made for.

The SadoSisters have found a new victim. See them chaining their slaves arms and legs on his back to make him immovably and unresisting. Then they trample him! They increase the grade of violence rapidly, so they turn him on a side to trample and kick him! Those girls are really violent and they seem to enjoy their brutality against this weak bound footslave.

This weak loser owes me money! His cheap clock brought no money in so I decided to crush it before his eyes. I enjoy punishing this stupid whining pathetic foot licker, stomping on this ugly clock...

Every thought about renting a slave? Well Peg and Vicky did and they rented their very own slave to worship them. First this poor guy is ordered to lick their shoes and bare feet, then they decide to trample and smother him.

Cuckolding at its finest: See Lady Cathy and her boyfriend flirting and kissing on the sofa while you lie at her feet. You can be thankful for that because you are just a doormat to her, no man in any way! So do what you can do best: worship her feet and boots and do not disturb her enjoying her boyfriend!

You would never guess that Latina girl Alicia is that kind of evil as she proves in this clip. She just transformed a girl who was flirting to her boyfriend into a doll. She puts the doll on the street and drives over the doll's little body using her car. This procedure is repeated until she finally grinds the cars wheels to finish the poor girl and turn her into a crushed mass.

Mistress Katja has bound up her slave to the couch where she has a nice seat. Then she places her sneakers on the slaves face. As she takes them off, she puts them directly on his nose, forcing him ti smell her stench! Her sweaty socks do the next job when she covers his mouth and nose with them. The slave is unable to resist her, there's is no escape since he has to smell her feet. In the end she takes off her socks, stuffs them into his mouth and puts her bare feet on his face!

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