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Who would actually think that this young lady is a kick boxing world class champion? This intruder apparently didn't as he broke into her house. The only thing he knew was that there would live a pretty young girl and he though t she won't make any trouble and would be happy if he leaves her house without hurting her. But as he found himself beaten on the ground with no effort he realized the trouble he was in. She beat him and as she noticed his fear she humiliated him. She pinned him down, slapped his face and smothered him with her sexy strong hands. She sat on his face and enjoyed his weakness. All he could do was letting her do this to him...

Lilia and Greta had more than just an affair. Even as Greta claimed that she did not love Lilia, she told her that she didn't know her own feelings. But as Greta took all her stuff to move away, Lilia got panic. She did not want to lose her. So she went hurried to that Voodoo shop she in the city and got a magical spell. She was lucky as it worked and transformed her ex girlfriend into a little plastic doll! No one would ever find her or take her away, everything would be fine. But first she needed to hurt her for trying to get away from her. Since she was a plastic doll she could do anything to her, so she drove all over her with her car...

Princess Jenny sits in her luxury red velvet Throne. She commanded you to her to kneel at the end of her footrest. You have to look at her dirty soles as she humiliates you by telling you how gross you are and what kind of disgusting things you will do for her. Then she lights up a cigarette and makes you lick the bottoms of her shoes clean.

Mistress Jane forces her slave to sign a facesitting-slave contract which makes him her personal ass cushion whenever she demands it. After the slave signed her contract she immediately wants to test him and sits down on his face wearing her sexy tight golden pants. They're perfect to smother a man underneath and look damn sexy on her!

Lady Latexxa has a new foot slave who is lying on the floor in front of her with his hands bound together. He has to lick the dirty soles of her ballet flats clean. But of course he not only has to lick her shoes. When she takes her shoes off the slave immediately smells her stinky bare feet - just before she orders him to lick them clean too!

In this Clip Russian sweetie Nadine pumps the pedals of an Audi car and revvs the engine hard. First she is wearing black sneakers - but she doesn't feel enough trough the shoes so she takes them off and continues to pump the pedals with her feet in socks and later even with her bare feet.

Lady Melissa trained professional wrestling for years and loves to try her skills on weak slaves like this one. She fights him down easily and immediately applies a strong sleeper hold. She also applies leg scissors and leg locks to his weak body!

Mistress Cathy humiliates you and degrades you very heavily. She tells you that you are a total loser and makes you eat her stinky smelly socks. Then she smothers you with her fat bbw jeans ass and in the end she also rubs her sweaty soles all over your face.

the sexy SadoSisters Leyla and Jane decided that its feeding time. They call out for their little pet which arrives on his knees. They crush some food and cakes right in front of him with their sexy shoes. After the cakes are crushed and destroyed they make him eat up everything right from their shoes.

Mistress Katja's slave didn't do a good house cleaning job - so she decided to degrade him to the toilet cleaning slave. Now she forces him to stick out his tongue to clean her dirty and filthy toilet she and her girlfriends have used for month. She slaps him as he refuses to cooperate until he really laps up the crap...

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