Femdom Fetish Videos - All about beautiful girls dominating slaves - Page 89

In this Clip Russian sweetie Nadine pumps the pedals of an Audi car and revvs the engine hard. First she is wearing black sneakers - but she doesn't feel enough trough the shoes so she takes them off and continues to pump the pedals with her feet in socks and later even with her bare feet.

Lady Melissa trained professional wrestling for years and loves to try her skills on weak slaves like this one. She fights him down easily and immediately applies a strong sleeper hold. She also applies leg scissors and leg locks to his weak body!

Mistress Cathy humiliates you and degrades you very heavily. She tells you that you are a total loser and makes you eat her stinky smelly socks. Then she smothers you with her fat bbw jeans ass and in the end she also rubs her sweaty soles all over your face.

the sexy SadoSisters Leyla and Jane decided that its feeding time. They call out for their little pet which arrives on his knees. They crush some food and cakes right in front of him with their sexy shoes. After the cakes are crushed and destroyed they make him eat up everything right from their shoes.

Mistress Katja's slave didn't do a good house cleaning job - so she decided to degrade him to the toilet cleaning slave. Now she forces him to stick out his tongue to clean her dirty and filthy toilet she and her girlfriends have used for month. She slaps him as he refuses to cooperate until he really laps up the crap...

See mistress Cathy smothering one of her slaves with her sexy bbw ass. She made him lay on a sofa and took place on his face. She wears her lingerie and really enjoys flattening and torturing him with her sexy full weight bbw body. He cannot escape and also not resist her.

Mistress Monique sits on a white chair and makes her slave lick and worship her white boots. She rubs her soles all over his face and makes him eat up all the dirt right from her soles. After he did a quite good job, she rewards him by making him worship her sexy bare feet.

Jenny sits in her new sports car. She wants to make sure that she made the right decision by buying this car and wants to hear the engine! She pushes the pedal with her sexy red pumps. First she kicks it slowly and gently, then she increases the pressure and pushes it to its limits until the car really groans like a lion. It's been a good choice she thinks...

Sexy mistress Cathy has transformed her ex girlfriend who was cheating to her husband into a plastic doll. Next she uses her car to crush the helpless doll by driving over its tiny body over and over again. The doll becomes flat and after a few seconds it is destroyed.

BBW Mistress Cathy has her slaves hands bound together. He kneels on the ground while she puts a robe around his neck. Next she pulls the robe tight and forces his face into her butt flesh. Then she smothers him with her sexy bbw belly and in the end she even puts her feet right on his face...

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