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Amber is a cute young mistress in tight jeans who dominates her slave with hard facesitting. She spreads her legs wide and lowers her sexy jeans ass down on his face. She pushes down with her full weight and he starts to smother. She changes positions and does it again. He finds it very hard to breathe with his mouth and nose buried in her warm ass and pussy.

Jana humiliates a slave and punishes him by sitting down hard on his face with her sexy jeans ass. She spreads her legs and covers his entire face with her ass and crotch. He smothers under her warm jeans ass as she sticks out her feet and forces her full weight down on to his face. She tied him up so he couldn't move while she humiliates him with facesitting.

Mistress Cathy humiliates you and degrades you very heavily. She tells you that you are a total loser and makes you eat her stinky smelly socks. Then she smothers you with her fat bbw jeans ass and in the end she also rubs her sweaty soles all over your face.

Mistress Katja tortures her slave very brutally in this one. She tramples him with her sneakers, walks all over his body and even jumps on him. To beat it all, she performs an ass-bomb right on his chest in the end - that means she crushes him with her ass from more than one meter free fall!

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