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This girl owed mistress Fox and she wanted to redeem. She called her to her house and she asked her to lick her feet. She had had a long day and she wanted to rest. The tired mistress felt that getting her feet licked and rubbed would be a good way to relax so the girl had to do it since she owed her and there was no denying it.

Mistress Alice does not like to associate with bitches. This girl was one and she did not want anything to do with her. The mistress asked her to keep her distance but she did not do it. The mistress had to find a way to punish her and she did it by making her her lick the dirty soles of her high heels. The girl was shocked beyond words at what happened.

Mistress Alisha wanted to take her mind away from the things that were stressing her. So she chose to try something crazy on her man. She wore only a G-string and a bra for him and he was turned on by him. But she did not want to smash. She wanted to ride his back. She used her sexy charm to get him to agree to carry her around like a human horse.

Princess Mimi had a problem with her boyfriend and she plotted to punish him painfully. She knew she could not overpower him in a fight so she got creative. She pretended they were trying something different and she suggested BDSM. So she tied him on the bed and now that he was powerless, she humiliated him using her stinky socks and she spat on his face to show her disgust.

These mistresses were bored and they wanted to be a nuisance to others for fun. So they went out and bought balloons. The mistresses then sat on a public bench and they had fun messing around with people who sat near them as well as those who passed nearby. The mistresses annoyed a lot of people and made a lot of people angry. They achieved their mission of being a nuisance.

Lady Milana was paying her manager some good money but her company was not making a profit. She was so furious as she had given him time and all manner of support that he needed but he could not turnaround the company. She took him to the woods as if to talk strategy but she crushed his nuts with her high heels after she had stripped him naked. She told him it was his last chance.

Goddess Alyna was looking gorgeous but she was bored. She wanted to have a little bit of fun and she chose to have it at the expense of a guy. So she went out and she came back with a gullible guy who thought she wanted to fuck him. She, however, teased him and enjoyed teasing and denying him. She then felt pity on him and gave him jerk off instructions.

Mistress Roxana does not like to report to the authorities when someone does something wrong to her. This guy did and she handled it herself. She choked him using her own bare hands and she made him crap himself. He was so scared of her and she knew he would never do that to anyone again as he had learned his lesson the hard way. She then let him go.

Lady Ayse loves to do naughty things and today she was teasing this guy for the sake of it. She did not have a reason to do it other than to have fun. She did not care what he thought of her or what he felt by the time she was done with him. It was for her fun and her fun only. She had the guy lick her feet and her boots while she smoked.

Mistress Catherine wanted to experience slave humiliation so she got herself one. She had fun dominating the slave even though he had done nothing to deserve it. She made the slave lick her dirty sneakers and she made sure he followed her instructions. She warned him that she would crush his nuts if he did not follow her instructions to lick her sneakers until they were clean. He did it.

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