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Mistress Anfisa is a hot and sexy girl. She is also naughty and whenever she is bored, she liked to tease and humiliate guys for fun. She does it excellently and the guys never realize that they are being made fun of. Today she pretended to have a foot fetish and she got this guy to lick her feet and suck her toes among other things. She then made him pay her for it.

Mistress Lena likes people she can control. And that is why she chose to have a relationship with this loser. She loved the fact that she could make him do anything and he would do it without complaining. He also had good sex and she loved it. On the sex front, she reciprocated because she knew giving him good sex would make him stay. Today she came home from work bored and she turned him into her foot slave. He licked her stockings, her shoes and her bare feet.

Goddess Alyna was looking gorgeous but she was bored. She wanted to have a little bit of fun and she chose to have it at the expense of a guy. So she went out and she came back with a gullible guy who thought she wanted to fuck him. She, however, teased him and enjoyed teasing and denying him. She then felt pity on him and gave him jerk off instructions.

Lady B got home early and she was bored as she did not have much to do. She called her friend mistress Christin to give her company and when she came, the two mistresses had fun crushing things especially crushing and destroying toys. They stomped and smashed them and had a great time. They only stopped when they had destroyed all the toys they could lay their hands on in the house.

Mistress Mary was given this loser to punish and she had fun doing it. She was in a good mood so she did not torture him cruelly. She, however, enjoyed making him lick her bare feet, which she had made sure were smelly and sweaty. She then sat back and watched as he tried his best to clean them and make sure they had no sweat and they were not stinking.

Madame Marissa is not the kind of person to ignore. She did not like it when this loser ignored her and she let him know that. She did not just tell him so, but she also used her boots to make sure the message was home. She got the poor guy to lick her boots and she trampled him a little for him to understand that she was not messing around.

Mistress Roxana does not like to report to the authorities when someone does something wrong to her. This guy did and she handled it herself. She choked him using her own bare hands and she made him crap himself. He was so scared of her and she knew he would never do that to anyone again as he had learned his lesson the hard way. She then let him go.

Mistress Lynna was angered by her incompetent slave and she had to do something about it. She did not want to have a slave who was a liability to her. She wanted someone who added value and unfortunately, he was not doing so at that time. She ahd to humiliate and dominate him to show him that he had to change for his own good. He changed after the punishment.

Mistress Gaia chose to cuckold her boyfriend because he had cheated on her. She was angry at him and she did not want it to happen again. But she had to do it too so that he learned that what he could do, she could do it better. She made him lick her feet and those of the guy she fucked. He was double humiliated but he had himself to blame.

Lady Ayse loves to do naughty things and today she was teasing this guy for the sake of it. She did not have a reason to do it other than to have fun. She did not care what he thought of her or what he felt by the time she was done with him. It was for her fun and her fun only. She had the guy lick her feet and her boots while she smoked.

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