Femdom Fetish Videos - All about beautiful girls dominating slaves - Page 100

This Clip includes 17 classics from Smother.de. 6 well chosen highly rated an most adored mistresses like Alea, Anastasia, Celine, Cora, Ewa and Gina Blonde show you how they user their special seat slaves. Face pressure, breathtaking, humiliation and absolute degradation at its finest! 53 minutes of high quality, digitally remastered classic material you will never forget.

Did you ever get caught by a bbw like Lady Cathy while starring at another girl? Be happy - because this slave is punished for that. See Lady Cathy smothering her slave boyfriend with her big sexy ass, experience her ordering him to worship her legs and slip into his roll by looking directly into her evil face (pov parts included!).

Tall beauty Iwona prepares your slave dinner. She puts things like cigarettes and ear tips onto your slave-meal. She also spits on it to spice it up for a slave like you. After it is done you have to eat it or do you want to disappoint your mistress?

Mistress Katja placed a chair over her slave's body and sits down on top of it, resting her sexy black boots on his face while enjoying her bubble gum. Suddenly she spits the bubble gum out and crushes it under one of her boots only to make her slave eat it from her boot immediately! After he has eaten the bubble gum she takes off her boots and slaps his face with her feet.

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