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Mistress Alice does not like to associate with bitches. This girl was one and she did not want anything to do with her. The mistress asked her to keep her distance but she did not do it. The mistress had to find a way to punish her and she did it by making her her lick the dirty soles of her high heels. The girl was shocked beyond words at what happened.

Mistress Madison likes to do crazy things and today was no exception. The mistress took the chance to dominate her slave using her ass. She got him to watch the show she put on for him and when he was least expecting it, she facesat on him and she dominated him. He was choking but she did not care about what he felt. He deserved everything she did to him.

Goddess Mel and her friend love to have fun but this loser did not do what they had asked him. He was an impediment of their fun and they had to punish him. He was stripped naked and the mistresses forced him to carry them like a human pony. In addition, the mistresses slapped the shit out of him and he learned his lesson the hard way. But they also did crazy things like suck his dick.

This guy suffered the misfortune of being tortured by four mistresses. It is bad enough to be humiliated by one mistress but he had to be tortured by four of them. They used dildos to fuck him in the mouth as well as in the ass. He was degraded and he was made to feel a lot of pain. But he also learned not to mess with them as it would lead to serious punishment.

Mistress Alisha had tried her best to explain to her slave what she wanted him to do but she was disappointed when he did not understand her in any way. The mistress used a different method to get through to him. The mistress used her high heels to trample his back as well as other parts of his body until he learned his lesson the hard way. After she was done, she tried again and this time he understood her.

Goddess Alyna has a sexy ass and a big pair of tits. The mistress knows that a lot of guys love her sexy ass. And she wanted to use her ass and tits to make this guy. She got the idea because this guy told her that he would jerk off to the image of her in his mind. So she told him to do it while he watched. She twerked for him and watched as he got turned on and he jerked furiously until he came powerfully.

Mistress Gaia felt pain when her boyfriend cheated on her. She wanted him to understand the kind of pain he was in. So the mistress forced the boyfriend to undress and she used a strapon to fuck him in the ass. It was cruel and extremely painful for him but she did not care. He had to understand what he had done to her and after what she did to him, he understood her perfectly.

This mistress had the habit of being scornful towards other people. Madame Marissa and her friend were her latest victims but unlike past victims, these mistresses did not want to let her get away with it. She had to be taught to respect other people. The mistresses did this by trampling her and also using their dirty and smelly feet to humiliate her. She learned her lesson the hard way.

Mistress Lana has a crush on her feet. She loves them and she likes to make sure they are given special treatment. That is what she did today to them as she ordered this loser to lick her bare feet and do all the things she wanted him to do to them. Among them were to rub them as well as suck her toes. He knew he was cornered and he did it.

Lady Milana had used her slave to store some crucial information. But he lost it when she needed it most and she was pissed. She did not want to imagine she could not access it. She tortured him in order to get it. She did this by tying him up and using nipple clamps and ballbusting to teach him a lesson. He managed to remember it and she stopped torturing him.

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