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Mistress Madison likes to tease and to flirt. She is a big flirt and because she had time on her hands today, she chose to do it. The mistress saw this guy was interested in her and she chose to flirt with him. The mistress had fun turning him on and when she saw he was turned on, she got him to jerk off using her naughty jerk off instructions.

These mistresses were bored and they wanted to be a nuisance to others for fun. So they went out and bought balloons. The mistresses then sat on a public bench and they had fun messing around with people who sat near them as well as those who passed nearby. The mistresses annoyed a lot of people and made a lot of people angry. They achieved their mission of being a nuisance.

Mistress Cassandra is a hot young girl who loves to have fun. But today she did not want to have fun but rather to punish and send a message. So she used her sneakers to trample this loser and get him to understand that she had reached the end of her rope. She was not going to tolerate any of his nonsense anymore. She was not even moved as the loser cried out of pain.

Lady Milana was paying her manager some good money but her company was not making a profit. She was so furious as she had given him time and all manner of support that he needed but he could not turnaround the company. She took him to the woods as if to talk strategy but she crushed his nuts with her high heels after she had stripped him naked. She told him it was his last chance.

This mistress had traveled out of town for work but she came back and she caught her girlfriend cheating on her. She was so pissed because she was busting her ass off for both of them while she was enjoying her life and cheating on her. She did not take it kindly and she trampled her and stomped on her tits. She also crushed her head and did all sorts of painful things to her girlfriend as punishment.

This guy owed mistress BlackDiamoond and lady Alissa some money. It was a lot of money but he had refused to pay and the debt was longstanding. The mistresses were running out of patience and they knew he was not going to pay so they chose to force him to do it. He was ass fucked in his own house. The mistresses used strapons to do it. One fucked him in the ass and the other deepthroated him. He gave them the money that same day.

Goddess Yasemin did not want to torture anyone physically or painfully. Yet, she still wanted to have fun. And she chose to use her gorgeous ass to do it. She was naked in the bathroom and she asked her slave to take something to her. He did and she took that chance to tease him and get him to worship her gorgeous and sexy ass. Then she let him masturbate to satisfy himself.

Mistress Lyla came home and found her boyfriend watching porn. She had noticed a drop in her man's sexual performance and now she knew why. She had to tackle the problem head on so she slapped the shit out of him as he knelt down. He tried to beg for mercy but she played deaf. He was in a lot of pain and she warned him never to watch porn again if he did not want to have his face busted again.

Mistress Nina likes it when guys try to mess with her. That is because she takes advantage of that to humiliate them. This loser found himself turned into her foot slave. She made him lick her feet and even suck her toes as she sat back and scrolled through her social media pages. The loser was lucky her feet were not stinky. She, however, made him rub her feet too, which was relaxing for her.

Mistress Elsi loves to do naughty things all the time and since she did not have much to do, she chose to spend some time humiliating this loser. He liked hanging around her house when she was around and today she got him to lick her feet and do other humiliating things for her. The guy agreed to do it and she did not even have to try hard to convince him.

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