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Madam Cat was tired and wanted to relax. She knew her feet were the best way for her to get that. So she dominated this loser by making him lick her feet. He had to lick the soles of her feet, suck her toes and then rub them. He did everything just like she asked him and she was so impressed with his work that she even rewarded him for it.

Goddess Yasemin felt that she had to try harder to impress her boyfriend and she did not like that. She chose to cut her losses and teach him a lesson. She teased him and when he had her attention, she humiliated him. She cruelly tortured him using her sneakers. She choked him and she made him lick them after she had teased and denied him. He never gained new respect for her.

Princess Serena felt that this guy was not being honest with her and she was angry. She did not want a dishonest slave and she crushed his face with her ass to teach him a lesson. She also foot slapped him besides having him lick the soles of her feet. He was in pain and the pain taught him the lesson that the mistress was trying to pass across to him.

Mistress Gaia did not feel like this loser deserved to be treated well because he was always messing. He was made to realize he could not go on messing forever. She had him lick the soles of her shoes and she even invited her friend to give it a try. The two of them enjoyed dominating him and they even tried ballbusting him although they stopped when he cried bitterly.

This mistress knew her boyfriend was drunk and could not fuck her the way she wanted to be fucked so she had fun smothering his face with her ass. She rode his face and rubbed her clit on his face until she came. She did not need him to do anything. He had to just lie there and she did all the work. She gave herself two orgasms before she felt it was enough.

Mistress Jane and her friend Queen Hanna came home with dirty sneakers and they wanted them cleaned. The slave wanted to take them and clean them but the mistresses did not want them removed. He tried to clean them using water but they refused and told him to do it with his tongue. He was shocked but he knew they meant it so he did what they asked to avoid further punishment.

Mistress Cassandra loves to tease and to torture. She did so today to this loser and she did it by having him lick her feet. She even played him a video which he watched to learn all the best moves. She did not want to give him instructions. He was to get all of them from the video before he started. He followed them and he did a good job.

Lady Amy pondered what to do to this loser and she chose spitting and choking as her favorite punishments. She got him to sit down in front of her and she spat on his face. After she was done, she got the loser to lick the saliva as well as to swallow it. And thereafter, the mistress choked the slave using her cigarette smoke by blowing it on his face. Lastly, she used him as her human ashtray before she felt it was enough.

Mistress Maya is famed for her great handjobs. This guy was having marital problems and as a result, he was not getting much action at home. So he went to her to get a good one. She used her hands as well as her vibrator to play with his dick as well as his balls. he was an expert in it and she got him cumming in no time at all.

Goddess Nika missed her boyfriend and she wanted to do something special for him. She knew he was working his ass off and he did not get much time for play. They did not even see each other a lot because of his latest assignment. So she made a hot video of her teasing him with her sexy body. She knew that if he saw it, he would want her and he did. He dropped all he was doing and ran to get a taste of her delicious pussy.

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