Femdom Fetish Videos - All about beautiful girls dominating slaves - Page 95

Gina wears a very sexy white bikini. Her body looks great and very attractive. She has her slave already waiting for her to torture him as she smiles and sits on his face with her perfect string-ass. She makes him open his mouth to smell her really deep. There is no escape for him...

Mistress Katja has a very special ashtray that never gets full. She just put a slave into her special cage where his head is free but the rest of his body sill unable to move. She takes place directly over his head, light a cigarette and makes him swallow her ashes. If he doesn't obey her commands, she simply slaps his face - since he isn't able to get away he does as she says...

Officer Celine has her very own methods to punish an treat burglars and thieves. She orders them into the office where she makes them worship her feet. She lets her forced-servants suck the dirt off her soles and toes and after they have done a good job, she puts them into jail where nobody listens to them...

Cathy has forced her slave to enter her bedroom. She impends him if he will not follow and obey her, she will whip and slap him. So he finds himself lying on the bed, as she slowly sits down on his face with her sexy bbw-ass. She smothers him - even as he fidgets to escape her in fear of running out of air - she keeps her seat!

Hottie Ewa from Poland smothers a guy under her sexy round ass while she's wearing only a thong. This guy has no chance to breath and gets totally smothered under her ass.

Mistress Katja has bound her slaves hands with metal handcuffs and starts to strangle him with her bare hands. But she can't put enough force on his throat with her hands so she takes a rope, wraps it around his throat and pulls as hard as she can. She even uses her sexy high heels to push his head down to cause even more pressure on his throat.

Mistress Kimi brutally forces a guy to worship her boots. He has to lick them completely clean before she takes them off and stuffs her hot socks into his mouth. In the end he also has to worship her bare feet of course.

Mistress Cathy sits down on her slaves stomach and already causes him quite some pain with her massive weight - but that's by far not enough for her! She starts to slap his face with her powerful big feet and makes him kiss and lick them in between - but as he's unable to make it right she starts slapping his face over and over again.

Mistress Luna uses her slave as her personal ass cushion in the living room. He's lying on his back with his hands bound and she facesits him without mercy, smothering him completely under her hot butt. She's facesitting him as well frontal as reverse and makes sure he doesn't have much time to breathe in between.

Mistress Katja comes back to her car after a shopping tour. Of course her slave is already waiting for her and opens the door for her. She sits down on the driver's seat and tells her slave to clean the soles of her black sneakers with his tongue. After he cleaned the soles he has to take her shoes off and smell the stinky inside of them before he has to smell her socks and bare feet too!

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