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Mistress Lyla came home and found her boyfriend watching porn. She had noticed a drop in her man's sexual performance and now she knew why. She had to tackle the problem head on so she slapped the shit out of him as he knelt down. He tried to beg for mercy but she played deaf. He was in a lot of pain and she warned him never to watch porn again if he did not want to have his face busted again.

Mistress Nina likes it when guys try to mess with her. That is because she takes advantage of that to humiliate them. This loser found himself turned into her foot slave. She made him lick her feet and even suck her toes as she sat back and scrolled through her social media pages. The loser was lucky her feet were not stinky. She, however, made him rub her feet too, which was relaxing for her.

Mistress Elsi loves to do naughty things all the time and since she did not have much to do, she chose to spend some time humiliating this loser. He liked hanging around her house when she was around and today she got him to lick her feet and do other humiliating things for her. The guy agreed to do it and she did not even have to try hard to convince him.

Lady Betty and lady Bertie caught this guy jerking off and they scared the shit out of him when they called him out. He was embarrassed and was about to run away but the mistresses called him back and told him they could give him some pussy instead of taking matters into his own hands literally. They duped him to go to their house where they spat on him and facesat on him. They humiliated him and turned him on at the same time but they left him high and dry by teasing and denying him.

Mistress Allina and her friend were bored at work and their boss was not around so they went around the office blowing up balloons and having fun with them. The mistresses disturbed their co-workers as they did so and needless to say, no one was productive during that time. But their co-workers were not mad about it. In fact, it was a welcome relief and gave them a chance to blow off some steam.

Mistress Gaia is an effective punisher. And her effectiveness stems from the fact that she catches the slaves off guard and she manages to torture and humiliate them cruelly. She loves to shock them because it makes her work easier and she gets to reach them to the core. Today, this loser expected her to trample him, but instead, she stripped him naked and she used a dildo to fuck him in the ass after tying him up.

Mistress Lilly was angered by the thought of this loser betraying her. She had seen signs from him that he would do it and she had to put an end to it. She wore her sneakers and she used them to trample the loser and force him to promise that he would never betray her. She inflicted a lot of pain on him and the pain made him understand what she meant.

Lady Milana is an impatient person. She does not like to waste time when she can get whatever she wants in a faster way. Today she wanted some files from this guy because she was working on a sensitive project and she knew that the information contained in those files would be of help to her. But the guy did not help her. She got pissed and since time was running out, she used her high heels to trample and crush the loser until he agreed to give her the files.

Goddess Chanel wanted to send a strong message to this loser. She thought about what to do to him and she settled on crushing nuts using her boots. She took him to her closet and she stripped him naked. She then had fun crushing nuts and kicking them. The mistress warned him not to make a sound as she would punish him some more in the event that he did.

Goddess Lena was mad at this loser. She had sent him but he had not done what she had asked him. He did not know her well but after what she did to him, she was sure he would never do what he had done again. She crushed and stumbled upon him before she stuck her foot into his mouth. She gagged him until he nearly choked before she let him go.

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