Femdom Fetish Videos - All about beautiful girls dominating slaves - Page 84

Iwona is tall, she is a real amazon and the most guys are much smaller than her. In this clip you can see her punishing a slave with her sexy big ass. She wears tight shorts and sits on her victims face. She really enjoys to punish weak males because she is dominant and sadistic by nature...

In this clip you can see the gorgeous Mistress Mercedes sitting on a sofa while her slave is laying on the ground next to her feet. First he is made to kiss, lick and worship her chucks. Then she slips out of them to rub her stinky sweaty feet against his face!

The SadoSister's once again have a victim overwhelmed and laying on the ground next to their feet. They trample him with their sexy sandals and push their sharp heels right into his flesh! Later they put a chair on his chest to make it impossible for him to escape. They also trample him barefoot for their own pleasures and amusements...

Mistress Lady Cathy knows everything about you! So she wants to talk to you - her target is to enslave and blackmail you. Since she found out that you are totally into feet and female domination, she blackmails you. She tells you how pathetic you are and makes you lick her soles clean for her.

Mistress Mercedes wears a very sexy Scottish mini skirt in this clip. She has a lot of fun torturing her slave with her full weight. She sits on his face, and makes him smell and worship her sexy ass! She also laughs at him while he is struggling between her legs.

Mistress Katja tramples a slave with her new sexy high heels! She walks all over his body with her entire body weight. Her Heels are gouging into his skin and leaving nasty marks. As reward she slips out of her shoes and tramples him with her perfect bare feet.

Cleo has been a good secretary for years now. Then she found out that her boss is totally into feet and as she talks to him about it, she notices his weakness and begins to change the roles! Now he is her personal foot bitch while she leads the office.

Mistress Lady Cathy walks outside her house with bare feet. After she noticed that her feet are dirty, she calls out for her slave to clean them with his tongue. He licks every inch of her soles and toes clean while she is visibly amused. Later she also uses him as personal footstool...

Mistress Jill Diamond wears a bikini and a very sexy string in this clip. She also wears a pair of sexy plateau boots. She has her slave laying in front of her down on the ground and punishes him for his bad behavior by sitting on his face with her perfect shaped ass!

Blonde Maddy looks so hot wearing her mini skirt and high heels when she sits down on the driver's seat of her Opel Corsa. She starts the engine and pumps the gas pedal with her high heel sandals. While she's revving the engine she lightens up a cigarette and smokes it while she's still pumping the pedals. After a while she takes off her sandals and continues to rev the engine with her bare feet on the pedals!

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