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This mistress had had enough of her boyfriend and she wanted to break up with him. But not before she gave him a piece of her mind. She had always been this timid girl and he did not even suspect she could do anything like that. She beat the crap out of him and made him cry out in pain. She trampled him and jumped on him leaving him in a lot of pain.

This loser dog slave is wearing a collar and a leash with a pair of jeans and no shirt as his mistress makes him walk around the house on his hands and knees before making him lay on his back. Once he is laying down she gets on top of him with her bare feet and she brutally tramples his entire body. She jumps up and down and even jumps off the couch onto his body with her full weight.

When Mistress Cassi wakes up, she knows that she wants to take a walk. She takes her slave with her to the lake and orders him to lay on the rocky ground. She starts to walk all over him and enjoys the way he groans in pain. She holds on to the tree and jumps up and down on him. She enjoys hurting him and listening to the quiet waves of the lake.

Lady Melissa is extreme merciless! In this clip she has bound her slaves hands together and tramples him with her entire weight. She steps on him and even jumps on him with her bare feet. She also performs many headstandings with her complete weight on his face!!!

The SadoSister's once again have a victim overwhelmed and laying on the ground next to their feet. They trample him with their sexy sandals and push their sharp heels right into his flesh! Later they put a chair on his chest to make it impossible for him to escape. They also trample him barefoot for their own pleasures and amusements...

This weak loser owes me money! His cheap clock brought no money in so I decided to crush it before his eyes. I enjoy punishing this stupid whining pathetic foot licker, stomping on this ugly clock...

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