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Mistress BBW Lady Cathy has a fetish for torturing guys with her weight. In this clip she has trapped somebody under a leather stool. Next she takes place on it and makes him - or better forces him to carry her full weight. He cannot escape or move and is helplessly trapped under her full body weight...

Jasmina's slave doesn't work out enough so she orders him to lie down under the couch and hold the legs of the couch with his hands. So far so easy, next she sits down on top of the couch, applying her complete weight to his weak body and stays on it for a long time. She reading a magazine, teasing him with her hot body and bug him using her sexy high heels.

Jenny places her slave under a couch, to make sure he lies as comfortable as she does, while she phones her friend and takes place on top of this couch! She doesn't consider him, even as she puts her full weight on the sofa - she simply knows what slaves like him are made for.

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