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Madame Marissa was bored at home and she wanted to have fun. But the only one around was her slave. She had to look for a way to have fun with him but he was a loser so she did not find a way. She decided to have the fun at his expense so she made him lie down and sat on his stomach and forced him to smell her stinky shoes and lick her smelly socks and lick her sweaty feet.

Sue does not like it her things and spoiled or misused. She found this slave doing that and she had to teach him a lesson. She did not want to repeat it so she sent a very strong signal that she won't tolerate it. She made him lie down and she spit on his face. She forced him to lick her spit as she threatened to trample him with her high heels if he did not obey.

Mistress Monique sits on a white chair and makes her slave lick and worship her white boots. She rubs her soles all over his face and makes him eat up all the dirt right from her soles. After he did a quite good job, she rewards him by making him worship her sexy bare feet.

As mistress Cathy works on her pc a slave is laying under the table and kisses her shoes. He licks the dirt off and makes everything for her. Then she removes her shoes to smother him with her smelly socks. After that she even takes her socks off to make him worship her sexy bare feet. He obeys and does whatever she commands because he is totally addicted to her...

Mistress Katja relaxes on the sofa while her slaves lays on the ground next to her royal boots. She notices some dirty spots on her heels and commands her slave to stick his tongue out to clean her boots for her. He follows all of her instructions and eats all the dirt from her boots as if it was the most normal thing in the world...

Kallisti has her slave laying on the ground in front of her as she has a nice seat above him. She has bound his hands together to make sure he will perform her commands in complete obedience. First she makes him lick the bottom of her shoes. After that she puts her socked feet on his face to make him smell them. At last she rubs her bare sweaty feet over his face and makes him lick them...

Vicky has her slave lying on a training-bank while she sits on his chest to make him lick and suck the dirt of her sexy wild-leather boots. She shoves her heels in his mouth and after he did a good job she removes her shoes so make him smell her stinky socks! As reward for being such a loyal slave she also removes her socks to put her sweaty bare feet right on her slaves face. She makes him kiss and worship her soles and laughs about him...

Mistress Kimi brutally forces a guy to worship her boots. He has to lick them completely clean before she takes them off and stuffs her hot socks into his mouth. In the end he also has to worship her bare feet of course.

Mistress Svetlana put her slave in a smother box so he can't get away from her and makes him worship her thigh-high boots and bare feet. She also tramples his face under her sexy bare feet after the worship session.

Russian mistress Katja looks plain gorgeous wearing a pair of tight jeans, black boots and a very short top. She starts off by verbally humiliating you pathetic slave bitch before she commands you to clean these dirty boot soles. In the end she even smothers you under her hot ass.

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