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In this clip you can admire the beauty of Empress Cruel as she sits on her new slaves face with her full weight. She wears some short trousers and makes her slave worship and smell her sexy ass while she controls his breathe by increasing her pressure on his mouth and nose...

Gina wears a very sexy white bikini. Her body looks great and very attractive. She has her slave already waiting for her to torture him as she smiles and sits on his face with her perfect string-ass. She makes him open his mouth to smell her really deep. There is no escape for him...

Hottie Ewa from Poland smothers a guy under her sexy round ass while she's wearing only a thong. This guy has no chance to breath and gets totally smothered under her ass.

Mistress Luna uses her slave as her personal ass cushion in the living room. He's lying on his back with his hands bound and she facesits him without mercy, smothering him completely under her hot butt. She's facesitting him as well frontal as reverse and makes sure he doesn't have much time to breathe in between.

Debby and Ivy, two totally gorgeous girls from Brazil, facesit a guy in the living room. They're only wearing underwear and smother the guy under their sexy asses. They even sit on his face together applying their whole weight to his little face.

Melissa's employee didn't work hard enough for her and when she orders him into the office she drops her hot business outfit and sits down right on his face. She's facesitting him both frontal and reverse, making sure that he doesn't get a tiny bit of air under her perfect ass. Maybe that'll teach him a lesson!

Sexy Chrisa forced her slave to put his head into the smother box and now facesits him wearing a pink thong. The guy has no choice but to hold his breath and smell her ass in between. She shows no mercy for this guy and facesits him rough frontal, reverse and sideways.

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