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This girl owed mistress Fox and she wanted to redeem. She called her to her house and she asked her to lick her feet. She had had a long day and she wanted to rest. The tired mistress felt that getting her feet licked and rubbed would be a good way to relax so the girl had to do it since she owed her and there was no denying it.

Mistress Lana has a crush on her feet. She loves them and she likes to make sure they are given special treatment. That is what she did today to them as she ordered this loser to lick her bare feet and do all the things she wanted him to do to them. Among them were to rub them as well as suck her toes. He knew he was cornered and he did it.

Mistress Nina likes it when guys try to mess with her. That is because she takes advantage of that to humiliate them. This loser found himself turned into her foot slave. She made him lick her feet and even suck her toes as she sat back and scrolled through her social media pages. The loser was lucky her feet were not stinky. She, however, made him rub her feet too, which was relaxing for her.

Mistress Mary was given this loser to punish and she had fun doing it. She was in a good mood so she did not torture him cruelly. She, however, enjoyed making him lick her bare feet, which she had made sure were smelly and sweaty. She then sat back and watched as he tried his best to clean them and make sure they had no sweat and they were not stinking.

Mistress Valentina was chilling in her house when this guy made some noise and disturbed her peace and quiet. She wanted to punish him so she called him to her tiny house. He thought she had some goodies for her but he was shocked to find out it was punishment. She punished him cruelly by making him lick her stinky feet and socks as well as slapping him when he did not do it the way she wanted it done.

When mistress Nataly realized this guy was the leader of the local gang of bullies, she resorted to send a message to them through him. She invited him to her house where she scared the shit out of him. She turned him into her foot slave and made sure he licked her feet and did all the humiliating things she wanted. And that is how she got them out of her neighborhood.

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