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Sexy Mistress Maeva has brought a present for her slave but there is a catch. It is a piece of chocolate cake that has been stepped on by Maeva and the slave must lick it up off the bottoms of her black heels in the middle of the woods. He gets to enjoy his treat but he also must totally clean the bottoms of Maeva's heels of all the cake.

Katja dressed in her infamous tight leather pants and sneakers had to use the bathroom something serious. Right after she sits her luscious ass on the toilet a peeping tom looks from under her door to see her pussy. Instead of screaming she decides to give him a large dose of humiliation by inducting him as her slave. She climbs on the toilet and make him drink her hot urine!

Mistress Cathy stands right above you and wants you to clean and lick all the dirt off her shoes. She rubs her soles all over the toilet bowl to make them dirty for you. After that she hold them directly into your face to make you lick up all the dirt from her soles. After you have done a good job you are allowed to continue your lickings on the toilet...

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