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Mistress Sue-X has her slave kneeling on the ground in front of her in the toilet-room. First she makes him kiss and worship her dirty muddy chucks. After that she slips out of her shoes and makes her slave kiss and lick her bare feet clean. She taunts and humiliates him as he grovels on his knees right in front of her...

Mistress Sue sits on her luxury white leather seat while her slave is fixed to it and unable to move. She smiles down and makes him lick the dirt off her sneakers. After the slave has done a good job, she slips out of them just to have her bare feet licked and worshipped...

In this clip you can see the gorgeous Mistress Mercedes sitting on a sofa while her slave is laying on the ground next to her feet. First he is made to kiss, lick and worship her chucks. Then she slips out of them to rub her stinky sweaty feet against his face!

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