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Kathi always knew that Demy was in love with her especially with her feet. She noticed that for the first time as Demy picked up something for Kathi that she has dropped accidently. As she bend over to pick it up she waited more than 5 seconds and watched Kathi's toes in her sandals. Since that day Kathi decided to make use of Demy and enslaved her. She allowed her to worship and lick her feet if she becomes her slave girl. She pays tributes to Kathi month by month to gain the privilege of worshipping her bare feet. Demy has become an addicted pet.

Mistress Mercedes has tied up her slave using some plastic foil she wrapped around him. As he finds himself lying on the ground motionless she begins to torture him. First she sits on his face with her sexy pantyhose. Then she peels it down to make her slave fit in between her bare cheeks! She smothers him with full pleasure and is visibly amused as he struggles and cries telling her to stop.

Dina forces her slave to proof himself as useful foot licker. So she walks along the street in front of her house to make her bare feet become nice and dirty. After that she returns back home where her tied up slave is already waiting. Next you can see her having a seat and showing off her dirty soles. Her slave is made to lick all the dirt right off her feet...

Mistress Melissa speaks to you. She sits in a dark room on a wooden chair wearing her latex outfit. She tells you that you will become her slave with no doubt - if you are okay with that or not isn't really important to her, the only thing that is important is the fact that you are here to look at her. The rest will be easy for her...

This slave claimed that he would love to become Mistress Mercedes' new slave. So she invited him to give him a chance! First she peeled down her black white socks. They have become wet and sweaty after she has worn them the whole day. She stuffs them all in his mouth to make him suck the sweat out of them. After that she pits on them just to make him suck out her spit too. Then she takes off her jeans shorts and also spits on them! The slave gets his ultimate experience and in the end she grants him an access to her slave stable.

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