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Voluptuous girls use furniture to crush their victims' chest. Each use their full weight and watches in pleasure as their victims tries to gasp for air to reach into their lungs. Most of them are seductively dressed in bra and panties, or jeans. They quench their crush fetish, the longer they are on the victim the more turned on they get by them. The humiliation in itself arouses them. These femdoms know how to get what they want.

Bbw Lady sits on the edge of her cushion in nothing but a maroon bra and panty set. Her blonde hair flow over her shoulders as she bends forward putting more weight on her smothering him. She has a crush fetish as well as a spitting fetish. Large lumps of spit falls out of her mouth and onto his bare face as he lets this bbw smother him with her furniture.

Princess Sexy Jenny wants to get rid of all of the trash in her house, including her dirty victim. She stuffs her victim in the trash can along with tissues that she just blew her nose on, q-tip that she used that morning to clean her ears, sweaty socks for her victim to smell and smother. Thongs that she had not washed for a week is tossed in the trash can too.

Mia gets off on crushing small toy trucks. She has a serious crush fetish. Her brand new tires crush two yellow and red trucks in the parking lot. She smiles as she revs up her engine to her brand new Audi sports car. The feel of the engine between her legs makes her panties wet. The bubbly blonde loves the sound of the toys when they crush under the car's full-weight.

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